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    When anyone asks what I do for a living, I don’t tell them I basically convert government money into black coffee, or at least not right away. I also neglect to tell them I work in a bookshop, or that I’m a freelance writer. Most of the time I say: “I interview bands for a living”,…


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    The four day weekend is almost upon us so as far as we’re concerned there couldn’t be a better time for a seamless mix of dancefloor bangers… even if they are all dance songs about jealousy, anger, insecurity etc, which *spoiler alert* they are.

    Wax Volcanic is more known for his witty…


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    For Cool Accidents


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    One human is occupying a brand new leather recliner, arched over a Cuban Mahogany floor and pulled to face the double-glazed bay windows that open up to a wraparound terrace looking over West Broadway, New York City. Another human is occupying a form-mesh office chair in 40-degree West…


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    Wax Volcanic caught up with Cool Accidents fave Skaters (by way of frontman Mike Cummings) for a chat and turned the whole thing into a NYC skyline inspired typed up piece of radness. Make sure you click on the images so you don’t have to break your eyeballs to read it.

    Like a radio caught between Sandinista!, Paul’s Boutique and The Ramones, Skaters’ debut Manhattan is all kinds of awesome and luckily for everyone is OUT NOW! Hop to it.


  6. Wax Volcanic at Future Music 2014


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    Future Music Festival as a Sort of Debutante Ball for Attendees Who Are Simultaneously Young, Male and Gym Addicted:

    Number of Security Clearance Points Between the Train Station Platform and the Entrance to the Main Stage:

    - 4


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    Two Conspicuous and Polarised Demographics That Vastly Outnumbered the Mythic Hoards of Snarling, Lank-Haired, Sun-stroked Men That I Imagined To Be Spilling Freely Through Soundwave 2014:

    1. Small, roaming packs of older folk, grey-skinned,…


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    My fingers are smeared crab-like against the tinted perspex of my front window, my gut assuring me that either I’ve ingested too much Low Sodium Mealshake or I’ve made the wrong decision. I can see that other parents in residential pod 59 are feeling the same way, watching their spawn gallop…


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    For the second time in three days, Grant Hutchison, drummer in Scottish rock band Frightened Rabbit, was about to step onto a boat that aimed to take him nowhere. In Sydney two days ago, Grant had furnished himself with trappings from a Navy supply store before rolling around Darling Harbour…